This 1962 Corvette custom is one of my latest projects I was hired to work on. The client needed both a front and rear view rendering so that he could visualize the entire exterior before moving forward. The first order of business was to clean up the front end with billet grill surrounds & bumper delete, design a custom hood, a mild flaring of the front fenders and rear quarters, lower rear diffuser and a custom center exit exhaust. The client already had the wheel style picked out and of course we would need to get this modernized '62 Vette on the ground a bit with a proper stance.


I worked with the client to explore four different design directions for his custom one-off extractor hood. Ultimately we went with a combination of #1 (top-left) and #4 (bottom-right).


Once we had the design direction and the rendering for the front 3/4 view finalized, it was time to turn our attention to the rear of the car. Like the front, the rear would be super clean, bumper deleted, a custom rear diffuser and a center exit-style exhaust. It was important to carry through with the clean modern styling out back just like the front view shows. 


Here's a few exploratory concept sketches I developed. A few simple straight on rear views helped determine the design direction for our new lower rear diffuser and center exit exhaust.