Let me introduce to you Tyler Beauregard's 1968 Camaro - Project 50/50. Tyler, 50/50, and I go way back to I believe 2001! Tyler was one of my first clients shortly after I started up Midnite Octane. I remeber Tyler telling me that he wants me to help him modify his Camaro much like the way the Eleanor GT500 Mustang was done. He and I collaborated on some rough sketches and ultimately I came up with something Tyler and I were really liking a lot. The lower front valence with integrated chin spoiler and large lower opening was truly very aggressive and functional. The large lower "mouth" allowed for plenty of air to get to the large intercooler that would reside there. The integrated chin spoiler would provide plenty of downforce and help direct air around the front tires. The "notched" style rear duck tail spoiler was the first of it's kind and it's been emulated dozens of times by other hot rod designers, builders, and even auto manufacturers - believe it or not. Remember this was all designed sometime between 2001-2002. I even still have molds for the notch-style rear spoiler for this car!


Looking back on these sketches done almost 17 years ago, I think Tyler and I were way ahead of our time! The rear notched spoiler I designed is still cool today! Chrysler thinks so at least using it on their current Challenger. Side skirts were tossed the second time around and replaced with splitters shown in the latest rendering.

The lower front valence and chin spoiler still look great. There are some functional and styling tweaks I'd make if I were to do it again but really I wouldn't change it much. Check out the build pictures in the album below to get a look at the real deal!


Years later Tyler got back in touch with me to do an updated rendering replacing the side exit exhaust side skirts with carbon fiber side splitters and lower front splitter. We also looked at a couple extractor hood design directions. The most dramatic change was massaging the front fenders, rear quarters, and fabricating metal flared fenders. Even though this car is a long ongoing project i still feel today that the ingenuity and creativity that's been put into this car at ever level still holds the bar high today for a pro-touring 1st generation Camaro build.

So this is the latest and greatest rendering to date of the 50/50 Camaro. Lower front splitter and side splitters were added. I believe Tyler replaced the notch-style rear spoiler with an adjustable carbon fiber duck tail. A keen eye will see how we flush fit vertical rockers to smooth the body sides. We also added an extractor style hood with flush quick release latches. Shown below are the extractor hood concepts.

Here's the photo gallery showing the 50/50 Camaro over the years. First few photos show the beginning with the later photos showing the new metal work being done to the front fenders, rear quarters, and the fender flares.

50-50 Build Pics12
50-50 Build Pics5
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